Services and Offerings

We are at your service! Write to us at for any of the following collaborative possibilities:

Immersive Events

We are available for hands-on, interactive experiences that promote understanding of artisanal processes incorporating our artisanal offerings– textiles, cacao and chocolate. This includes but is not limited to chocolate tastings, natural dyeing and weaving classes, cacao– and chocolate-infused food/art exploration, food pairing, etc. 

See our premium artisanal cacao and chocolate launch event here

Workshops and Training

We are educators with decades-long experience training professionals from multicultural and multilingual backgrounds across the globe, covering wide range of topics including but not limited to: participatory research, community development, social impact measurement, and gender equity and social justice. 


We love collaborating with other brands and companies to bring gifting ideas to life. We work directly with our partner women-led artisan families and collaborators so can customize to create textile and/or cacao and chocolate products that suit your needs.

Custom Orders

We are thrilled to work one-on-one with members of our community and beyond, from start to finish, to design items that work for them.