About Us

tlāli (earth in Nahuatl) and pānï/paanï (water in Hindi/Urdu) are elements that make life possible for us all.


We are a lifestyle brand that partners with skilled artisans to create home products, curates learning experiences, and gives back to the communities behind each craft.

What we stand for

We respect and honor the people, traditions, and craft process behind each of our products. We are committed to their economic empowerment and community development with every purchase.  

What we live by

We believe in sustainable processes and materials. Our production is demand-driven and based on slow, traditional and hand-based methods that have withstood centuries. We use natural, non-toxic dyes and ingredients that support personal and environmental wellbeing. 

Our Team:


CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Fabiola is a Mexican-American, California-based global educator and passionate advocate of children's rights and gender equity. She co-founded tlali•pani with her husband Sabith rooted in the joint belief that a lifestyle should be based on respect for others and the environment, appreciation for craft processes, and continuous learning. Fabiola speaks three languages and is an avid 'telar de cintura' weaver.


COO and Co-Founder

Sabith is an Indian, California-based educator and published author. He co-founded tlali•pani with his wife Fabiola. His in-depth understanding of community development and empowerment in Oaxaca and Kerala (India) inspired the ideas behind tlali•pani. He is passionate about social justice, speaks five languages, and is the in-house chai walla.