Today is Mexican Independence Day and this is what it means to be a Mexican woman

Today– September 16th– is Mexican Independence Day and it's become a day of reflection for me. It's the day that Mexicans won independence from Spain– the colonial power that ruled for 300 years. On this specific day in 2021, however, I am thinking of all the Mexican women that have made an impact on my life– those that raised me, guided me, and continue to inspire me through tlalipani. As a person of color (POC) and Mexican-American woman myself, I am constantly reminded of the struggles that Mexican women have faced to assert their voice and positions in different facets of their lives. 

Mexican women make difficult decisions and overcome daily challenges to improve the quality of their own lives and most often, those of others. In light of the recent women-led protests in México to address femicide rates and assert their own reproductive rights (much in the same way that women here in the U.S. are still fighting for), someone asked me– what does it mean to be a Mexican woman? As I pondered, so much came to mind but here's what I ultimately said:

  • Strong
  • Resilient
  • Perseverant
  • Determined
  • Humble
  • Caring
As Co-founder and Creative Director aka Decision-Maker-In-Chief of tlalipani, I am proud that we have committed to prioritizing working with women of color (WOC) and so far, Mexican women–led and operated. From our talented Mexican women photographers (based in Oaxaca and Los Angeles) that have so beautifully captured our story through their images, to our fierce on-the-ground woman coordinator supporting us, to our beloved artisan women warriors paving the way for future generations of Oaxacan women and fighting hard to keep their crafts and traditions alive, we simply couldn't be any prouder.

¡Que viva México! ¡Que vivan las mujeres!